Online UV analysis system

Brochure(click below to download):

Dissolution UV online analysis system.pdf


UV-1900 UV Spectrophotometer


1cm and 2cm pathlength options

Optical System

Double Beam

Light Source

D2 lamp, Tungsten Lamp

Wavelength range

190 nm to 1100 nm

Spectrum Bandwidth

0.5 nm-1 nm auto adjustable

Spectrum scanning



Microsoft Windows


USB, Ethernet, HDMI, VGA, WiFi (optional), BlueTooth (optional)


Selection from 10 languages

SYP-800 8-position Syringes

High torque stepper motor:

Driven with a feedback loop

Syringe control:

Up to 8 x 10ml syringes

Syringe accuracy:

±.05ml for transfer volume of more than 1ml

Maximum transfer volume:

10ml (as per stroke)

Power supply:

110/220 Volts, 50/60 Hz